Sailing Calendar

The way we publish the sailing calendar has changed this year as we have switched to using an online calendar application. To see the up to date calendar click on the link: 2017 Sailing Calendar.

The new calendar can send out e-mail reminders about members┬áduties and it can shown upcoming events on our website – see the main page.

Here is a link to the spreadsheet version as a pdf file: 2017 Sailing Calendar pdf or as an Excel file: 2017 Sailing Calendar Spreadsheet.

If you are unable to carry out your duties, can you please try to arrange a swap before coming back to the committee.

Whatever you do, please give someone notice if you are unable to attend on your date.

NEW to MSC Website – a colour coded forecast which will give you advance notice of good tide heights for sailing.

Craig has initially set this for 3.9m





2 thoughts on “Sailing Calendar

  1. new format sailing calender makes it very difficult to see when anyone is supposed to be on duty – you wiuld need to open each instance individually

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