HMS Montose Visit

Royal Navy Type 23 frigate HMS Montrose made a visit to her home port this weekend and our Commodore Annie Hourston was honoured to be invited aboard on Saturday evening to represent Montrose Sailing Club at a reception and capability demonstration hosted by the Commanding Officer and Ships Company. All guests were made to feel most welcome and were treated to a most informative and interesting tour of the ship not to mention plenty of Royal Navy hospitality. Many thanks to all the Ships Company and we hope to see HMS Montrose back in port soon.

Morven doing safety duty

Morven at the controls.


As you may know, all members have to do various duties throughout the year to cover essential tasks that need to be done every time we are on the water; one of these is safety cover. If you can organise the right weather they don’t need to be too onerous, as Morven found out.